Stomach Rumblings? It Might Be Because You Lack This.

Probiotics.  It’s a safe bet that you’ve, at some point or another, heard the murmuring of this science-sounding word before.  If you take a stroll down the dairy aisle at your local supermarket, many of our classic yogurt brands now boast the inclusion of probiotics in their products.  Whole Foods has an entire refrigerated section devoted just to this petri-dish-sounding wonder.

What Are Probiotics?

In short, probiotics are live bacteria.  Don’t back out of this page just yet!  The experts at HealthLine tell us we ingest live bacteria every time we munch on a slice of sourdough bread, sip on miso soup, or swallow those veggies mom always made us eat.  Truthfully, our digestive tract is already packed full of good bacteria.  And, as we know, anything good in life must occasionally combat evil.  Therefore, whenever the livelihood of this good bacteria is jeopardized, probiotics come to the rescue.

Where Can We Find Probiotics?

Who wouldn’t want a superhero living in their gut?  Prompted by the notion that live bacteria is a good thing, let’s explore further sources of these natural wonders.

1. Yogurt

Yogurt is not a go-to snack for everyone.  But, smoothies are vastly favored.  Just take a stroll down any big-city lane where smoothie shops abound.  Or, maybe you’ll have some frozen raspberry yogurt next time, instead of a serving of triple chocolate vanilla ice cream.

2. Kombucha Tea

Don’t wonder for too long about kombucha (pronounced cum-bu-cha).  If you’re a tea-drinker, spice it up a little with this new addition.  It’s, essentially, fizzy black tea.  Fizzy always denotes refreshing (and it is), and this natural source of probiotics will leave your stomach singing.

3.  Sauerkraut

The next time you hit up your local hot dog stand, or stroll down the meat section in your grocery store, add just a dollop of sauerkraut to your toppings and, all of a sudden, this ballpark favorite is now a tad bit healthier!

4.  Sourdough Bread

Have you ever felt the need to “up the stakes” in your culinary pursuits?  If so, adding a slice of your home baked sourdough bread to your meatball and spaghetti dish could be just the ticket.

Did You Know?

Our friends over at Livestrong dare you to take the probiotic challenge one step further.  They encourage you to not only hop on the probiotic train, but consider Greek yogurt in this new quest.  Greek yogurt gets strained a few more times than regular yogurt (thus, boosting up its density).  With all this extra effort, it packs a greater punch in the protein and probiotic categories.

So, while many health fads may come and go, probiotics have held on strong and steady. As we all search for quick and easy ways to boost our healthfulness, why not try a spoonful of live bacteria?  Neither you nor your tummy will be the least bit discouraged.  Cheers!


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