A Fairy Tale Oasis

TiffaniTaylorArtSource: TiffaniArt.com 

Savannah is this 18th century goddess, always festooned in her brightest frock. In the midst of her streets, there exists a fairy tale oasis – The Tiffani Taylor Gallery. Once you open those lovely white doors, you’re swept into a land where hope flitters like butterflies, dreams dance atop red poppies, and scenes of Paris tickle your heart.

Mixed media paintings leave you longing for old times, as antique sheet music wraps its loving arms around fields of glistening poppies. Local Savannah scenes stay with you as you sigh with pleasure over the old cobbled streets.

Lo and behold, Tiffani Taylor is a fairy tale vision herself. She undoubtedly embodies her artwork, radiating joy and kindness. My entire day is set right after drifting in and out of that oasis. I’m reminded that love still blossoms and dreams do come true, especially as you dance through the moonlight, underneath Savannah’s glow.


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