Insider Higher Ed | How to Humanize the Online Class Setting

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Kit Kittelstad says instructors should reply quickly, start a new discussion every week, and offer all types of help and guidance.  Keep on reading!

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The Ascent | Self-Improvement. What’s All the Noise About?


Self-improvement is all around us, and we live in it every day, whether we’re labeling it as such or not. This category of life is so fascinating because the end-goal can be achieved in many different ways. I like to think of self-improvement as the quest for happy. Who couldn’t use a little dash of that in their life? Looking at it in this manner, I’d like to share just three simple self-improvement hacks that just might boost your day, your week, or (dare I dream so big) your life. Keep on reading!

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Freelancer FAQs | How Do I Get Past the Overwhelming Feeling of Not Knowing Where to Start?


I can see it now. It’s 5:00 on Friday, and you’ve finally had it. You just know you’re not meant to live a life filled with stress from a job that, quite frankly, isn’t the least bit fulfilling. Yet, through all of this, one nagging notion remains in the back of your mind. You’re astutely aware of the fact that you’ve always been a strong writer. …Perhaps you should do something about that.  Keep on reading!

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Thought Catalog | How To Settle Into Moving To A New City When You’re All Alone

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Untethered to the compromises and occasional demands that pairing-off brings, it’s fun knowing you can wake up at dawn, go for a stroll on the beach, text some shots of that to your friends (wherever they may be), and start your day your way.  Keep on reading!

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Flurt Magazine | Luxuriate in Stella McCartney’s Vegetarian Leather


So your love of animals and the environment influenced your change in diet…Now let’s talk wardrobe!  Keep on reading!

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McCatty Scholars | 5 Ways to Prepare for College

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It’s your Junior year of high school. This is a big year for you! Your life is about to change, as college hovers on the horizon. Be excited! You’re about to make new friends, and explore an array of new areas of study. You can, literally, set a new direction for the course of your life.  Keep on reading!

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The Purposeful Student | Stomach Rumblings? It Might Be Because You Lack This.

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In short, probiotics are live bacteria.  Don’t back out of this page just yet!  The experts at HealthLine tell us we ingest live bacteria every time we munch on a slice of sourdough bread, sip on miso soup, or swallow those veggies mom always made us eat.  Truthfully, our digestive tract is already packed full of good bacteria.  And, as we know, anything good in life must occasionally combat evil.  Therefore, whenever the livelihood of this good bacteria is jeopardized, probiotics come to the rescue.  Keep On Reading!

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Medium | Audiobooks: Will You Like Them or Love Them?

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I like thinking about the classic paperback vs. audiobook argument. Each side holds its own value. What’s better than lighting a fire, cocooning under a blanket, sipping on a hot cup of tea from that fresh-brewed pot of oolong, and turning the page on your new book? Perhaps turning the page of a used book you found tucked in the corner of a local bookshop! Either way, a good ‘ol fashioned book will never, ever go out of style.  Keep On Reading!

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The Purposeful Student | A Healthy Body Promotes A Healthy Mind

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“It’s widely acknowledged that a healthy body equals a healthy mind,” says Dr. Dregan from Psychological MedicineHave you come across this saying sometime in your life?  Have you wondered as to its validity?  Surely, it must be a safe bet if so many doctors preach this philosophy.  But, since it’s easier to equate sitting on the couch with a slice of chocolate cake as happiness, we might toss the whole “healthy body, healthy mind” notion to the back end of our thought stream.  However, in a world where people are living longer, and health and fitness journals abound, it wouldn’t hurt a thing to give some serious consideration to this theory.  Keep On Reading!

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