20 Things To Do Alone In NYC [trip101.com]


Being alone in the big city sounds a little intimidating, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. With a fine-tuned itinerary, you can conquer all that the streets of New York City can throw at you.

For over 30 years, my father worked as an electrical engineer for the New York City subway system. I could stand on any block, in any of the five boroughs, and say, “Dad, I’m on 59th and 5th. How do I get down to Soho?” and he’d have me there in a flash.

Growing up here, I started to develop a deep love for this city that offers something for everyone. In New York City, you can be who you are and find your own community of people. Although I live in Savannah now and have visited some European meccas, I still come back to New York every time I want to envision a world where people are free to be themselves in a (relatively) judgment-free zone.

With that sentiment in mind, I’ve created a list of things to do when you’re alone in New York City. It’ll carry you through one of your happiest solo adventures yet.

Let’s get started, shall we? Keep on reading!

Where To Eat In Cork City, Ireland: 10 Best Spots To Indulge In [trip101.com]


Cork City, oh how I miss you! If you’ve ever wondered where some of the world’s greatest writers and artists draw their inspiration, Cork City is the answer.

On any given evening, music notes simply pour out of the pubs. Those memories will stick with you like honey on a teaspoon. Best of all, the folks who live and work here absolutely live up to the famed Irish hospitality.

If I could turn back the hands of time, I’d relive Cork City. I hope you’ll experience her one day, too. No matter where you go in life, you’ll always have a drop of the River Lee in your heart. Keep on reading!

Looking For Where To Eat In Cobh? Here’s Our Pick Of The Top 10 Places [trip101.com]


Cobh is one of the most colorful cities in Ireland (and that’s saying a lot). The only time that color died was the night the Titanic sailed from its port. Still, the city honors the lives of all those lost as it continues to reign in splendor.

Let’s take a look at the best spots to soak up a little local cuisine and cap off any day with delicious delights. Keep on reading!

8 Best Day Trips From Basel, Switzerland [trip101.com]


Basel is a magical world nestled neatly between France and Germany. With majestic mountains and cultural class, it’s a city worth visiting every time you’re in this region of Europe. Boasting the highest concentration of museums in the country, there are endless ways to spend your days. Keep on reading!

8 Best Places To Stay On The Aran Islands [trip101.com]


When visiting the Aran Islands, you won’t find any hotel chains. What you will find is a spray of thatched roof cottages tucked quietly behind breezy shorelines. It’s hard to choose which sanctuary to call home for your time in these isles of magic, but let’s take a look at a few of the creamiest crops. Here are our picks on the best vacation rentals and bed & breakfasts: Keep on reading!

Top 10 VRBO Vacation Rentals In Gatlinburg, TN [trip101.com]


Gatlinburg is lovingly referred to as the gateway to the Smoky Mountains. When you get the chance to step outside your door one morning and gaze upon those smoky clouds that embrace each mountain peak, you’ll get the sense that the world has momentarily stopped turning. This storybook town outstretches its hand to you in an offering of fine dining, great shopping, and those once-in-a-lifetime Smoky Mountain views. Let’s get you set up in a really fantastic VRBO vacation rental. Keep on reading!

Cruises Of Alaska: Where Will You Make Port? [trip101.com]


They call it the Last Frontier for a reason. Much of Alaska’s wild and expansive beauty remains untouched. She’s a precious gemstone, with no one else in her class. One of the loveliest ways to soak up the beauty of Alaska is on board a cruise ship. There are three particular cruise lines that set the bar very high: the Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, and the Norwegian Cruise Line. Keep on reading!

10 Best Things To Do In Peterborough, UK [trip101.com]


Oh, yes. If visions of castles and grand country estates dance about your dreams, a visit to Peterborough is surely in the fates for you. Sip on pots of tea, like the poets and noblemen of the past, and wrap yourself in the elegant splendor of English country gardens. Keep on reading!

10 Best Things To Do In & Around The Emerald Isle, NC [trip101.com]


An island of emerald – doesn’t that sound enchanting? Floating as its own little oasis neatly off the Carolina shoreline, the Emerald Isle is calling your name like a shipwreck in the night. Keep on reading!